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Responsible Flying Guidelines


Our pilots intend to fly aircraft in all of our operational regions having full regard and respect for the people in our communities by adopting the principles of the Helicopter Association International “Fly Neighbourly Guidelines”

This includes:


  • Where possible and/or practical we will maintain minimum recommended altitudes above ground level with a practice of flying at a higher altitude over populated areas.

    NB: The maximum operating height is often set by local Air Traffic Control so as not to conflict with commercial airline traffic making Instrument Flight Rules approaches to adjacent airports.

  • Where Air Traffic Control allow we will attempt to reduce noise below by maintaining a “high as practical” altitude.

  • Where possible and/or practical we will avoid making sharp or steep turns to eliminate “Blade slap” against the air to reduce noise, in sensitive areas.

  • Where possible and/or practical with regard to Air Traffic Control instructions, we will reduce power settings, and fly at lower speeds to reduce engine and tail rotor noise.

  • Where possible and/or practical we will vary the flight paths and routes taken to reduce repeated inconvenience to people below.

  • We will endeavour where possible and/or practical to ensure our aircraft produce the lowest noise and lowest fuel emissions possible with full regard and respect for environmental impact.

All commercial flights undertaken by our company will attempt to meet these guidelines. However, these may from time to time be restricted by operational requirements over which we have no control.

Simon Duncan
General Manager
GCH Aviation.





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