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GCH Aviation is a leader in the provision of a wide range of safe, effective and cost efficient commercial applications using helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft services.


Helicopters provide a unique aerial access solution to a wide variety of difficult-access situations, including:

• Aerial Sluicing
• Fire Fighting
• Power line inspection and survey
• Orchard  and Vineyard Support
• Aerial Photography and Filming
• Wire and Cable Stringing
  • Event Co-ordination
• Construction and Industrial Lifting
• Marine Pilot Transfer
• Advertising Banner Towing
• Private/Corporate and VIP Charter

For over three decades, GCH Aviation has maintained one of the most enviable safety records in helicopter aviation in New Zealand. This record, combined with the vast international experience of our pilots, regular training, familiarity with equipment and extensive and continual exposure to the extreme terrain covered by our operation, ensures a commercial service second to none.


Our enviable safety record, auditable billing structure and commitment to quality, back-up and service makes GCH Aviation and our associated regional companies are the obvious choice for your next commercial project.


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