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Aerial Water Sluicing Operations


GCH Aviation is very experienced in providing helicopter services for sluicing operations.


is an inherent part of our culture and has come from years of operating the Air Rescue Service and other commercial operations. GCH Aviation has one of the most enviable safety records in helicopter aviation in New Zealand. The vast international experience of our pilots, regular training, familiarity with equipment and extensive and continual exposure to the extreme terrain covered by our operation, ensures our safety record is maintained.


Monsoon Bucket and Sluicing Equipment

We use collapsible Dew Drop buckets that fit into each helicopter for easy transport to the project. Bucket skirts adjust the water flow to suit the individual application.


Lifting Capabilities and Remote Hook

GCH Aviation operates a full set of lifting equipment including a remote hook. All equipment is tested and certified by independent testing agencies. All equipment and ground staff are provided to assist your own staff and to ensure the operation is conducted safely and efficiently.



is conducted by our in house engineers, ensuring preventative and ongoing maintenance programmes are scheduled, monitored and carried out so that they have the least possible effect on the provision of our services. Our engineers are also available for any in-the-field maintenance required.


of billing is maintained by auditable reference to hour meters in each helicopter. GCH Aviation operates a job card system to ensure transparency in the billing process. This process starts with the recording of flight time from each helicopter's hour meter that operates only on flight time (not on the ground running). This flight time is verified by our clients at the end of each flying assignment and a copy of the job card is given to our client at that point. From there, the same flight time will appear on the final invoice at the agreed charge rate, ensuring our clients are charged exactly for the helicopter flight time utilised.


GCH Aviation employs full time pilots and part time pilots as required. All pilots hold night ratings and are instructor rated.

Ground Support

 - Ground staff ensure all machines are supplied around the clock
 - Ground staff hold appropriate dangerous goods licenses and are highly trained
 - A four wheel drive vehicle carries all support equipment including fuel for all aircraft
 - Air to ground communications are maintained
 - A 1400lt fuel tanker is towed by the four wheel drive vehicle



GCH Aviation has a long and successful history of providing professional helicopter services for commercial projects. Our pilots are the most experienced in Canterbury and operate the most cost effective helicopters available using the most up to date equipment.



 •  CAA Certified Part 119/135 Air Transport Air Operators

 •  CAA Part 141 Certified Training Organisation
 •  VNZ Quality Management Systems AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008
 •  VNZ Ambulance and Paramedical Services NZS 8156:2008
 •  VNZ Air Ambulance/Air Search and Rescue Service 2011

Members of:

 •  Ambulance New Zealand
 •  Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce
 •  Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism
 •  Aviation Industry Association
 •  Ambulance Communications Centre Comms User Group



While details shown here may relate specifically to Christchurch-based operations, equipment and protocols ALL of our regional operations in Nelson, Greymouth, Wellington, Fiji and Vanuatu are able to undertake aerial sluicing operations when required. 


Each of these operations provide helicopter sluicing support services to the highest standards of response, expertise, safety and credibility.


Please contact your local operations base for full details. CLICK HERE





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